Briefe aus aller Welt...

" They have always been a corner stone on the community. While bringing consistent skill they also distinguish themselves with good conduct. It is always a pleasure to fight against or along side these Germans! "

92nd Regiment of Foot, Colonel


" Das Regiment hat es geschafft jahrelang in ehrenvoller Rivalität mit unzähligen Truppenklassen und zahlreichen Spielern anderen Verbänden und Regimentern zu begegnen. Der Einfluss des Regiments auf die deutsche Spielerlandschaft ist genausowenig zu vernachlässigen wie ihre Hartnäckigkeit. Das Kaiserliche Heer blickt auf eine wechselvolle Vergangenheit und Zukunft mit spannenden Events, ehrlicher Partnerschaft und großem Respekt. "

Kaiserliches Heer, Feldmarschall


" An undisputable pilar of the NW-Community for years and a reliable force to face in the field. "

Repräsentat aus der frz. internationalen Community,


" They belongs to the core of the community. Their cavalry is amongst the longest-standing teams there is, and has consistently been a challenging and consistent opponent. Always looking forward to our next encounter with them. "

Repräsentat aus der Kavallerie-Welt,


" Un des régiments pilier de la communauté, qui a connu le succès comme la défaite, mais qui a toujours sue remonter la pente à temps.Un régiment très plaisant a joué, polyvalent et a ne pas prendre à la légère. "

Erfahrener französischer Kavallerist,


" A very tolerant and inclusive community, The Colonel playing as general during linebattles adds to the immersion. "

53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers, Colonel


" I like your events, because they are serious and professional and you guys are really nice educated and good fighters. No toxicity... thats the most important thing in the community. "

1a División del Norte, Offizier,


" 2й Гусарский Полк уже существует на протяжении многих лет. Наверное это один из крупнейших и в том же время самых влиятельных полков немецкого сообщества. Он имеет достаточно много высококлассных игроков, чтобы занимать хорошие места на турнирах, но самое важное, это приятное в общении сообщество. Я могу сказать, что это один из самых больших и хороших кавалерийских полков во всём сообществе НВ. "

Repräsentant aus der russischen Community,

Graf Maximus

" Siguen siendo bastante habilidosos y además muy deportivos. no teniendo miedo de los regimientos de los cuales puedan decir que son mejores que ellos a priori. En general, se puede decir que la 2Lr se ha quedado como un regimiento respetuoso dentro de la comunidad. "

Repräsentant aus der spanischen Community,


" The regiment has been a friend and partner to us in many organized events and it's an immense pleasure to meet these gentlemen on the field of battle. "

32nd Regiment of Foot, Colonel


" Un régiment qui représente l'amitié forte franco-allemande, honorable et valeureux. Un régiment rival et ami qui propose de très bonnes rencontres entre les joueurs qui les opposent dans des batailles épiques! Une longue histoire que nous souhaitons perpétuer dans le temps, ensemble. "

IVe Corps d'Armée, Général


" They are a large and strong German speaking regiment in NW. Their staff is serious and efficient and their members are polite and well disciplined. This regiment reminds me of the early days of this community. "

16th Regiment of Foot, Colonel


" Known as one of the most structured and powerful opponents of our Corps, the 2Lr has been forging its steel since 2016 in order to impose itself successfully on the battlefields of Napoleonic Wars. The Franco-Prussian friendship that binds IVe and 2Lr, continues and will continue until the end of the Napoleonic Wars adventure. "

9e Régiment d'Artillerie - IVe, Commandant


" They have, for as long as I can remember, been a good regiment. In fact, in order to know whether a regiment was a good regiment or not, it had to face and resist them, which is really not given to everyone. "

Bekannter schwerer Kavallerist,